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Cindie Cohagan

Cindie Cohagan

Cindie Cohagan is a woman of many passions. After studying geology at school, she eventually went on to do high-level consulting work. When the opportunity to cycle the world presented itself, Cindie responded with enthusiasm and left her successful career to travel 26 countries with her travel companion.

With Finding Compassion in China, Cindie is branching out on her own, exploring new found passions. She currently resides in Dharamsala, India where she juggles her own writing, her budding publishing company, her Buddhist philosophy studies, and her renewed interest in geology by testing water quality for Tibetan Settlements in the Himalayan foothills.

Cindie’s prior works includes cowriting:

Päivi Kannisto and Santeri Kannisto

Päivi Kannisto & Santeri Kannisto

Päivi and Santeri Kannisto were born in Finland in 1970. When Päivi & Santeri met, they decided to quit their jobs and devote their time to each other and travelling. This was the beginning of a new life as global nomads in 2004. They have only one plan: no plans.

Päivi received her PhD when she was 27 and worked as a researcher and management consultant, Santeri was a Finnish open source software pioneer and an entrepreneur. The couple have written eight published books in Finland, both fiction and non-fiction. Read more: Global nomad couple Päivi & Santeri.

Elles Lohuis

Elles Lohuis

Elles Lohuis was born in a small town in the Netherlands. Spending her childhood traveling with her parents on their motorbike or towing their little caravan together through the outskirts of Europe, instilled a deep love for high mountains and remote islets in her.

Always combining pleasure with practicalities, Elles obtained a Masters in Medieval History to satisfy her curiosity for the legends and sagas of the unknown, and a Masters in Business Science to fund her own expeditions of discovery. Elles has had many lives and many careers in this one lifetime, following her heart and the many opportunities this wide world brings. She has been a cook at a co-op restaurant, a Gaelic teacher at the West-coast of Ireland, a business consultant for multi-nationals, a coach for upcoming entrepreneurs, an English teacher in the Indian Himalayas, and is currently a lecturer and researcher at Windesheim University in the Netherlands.

Inspired by the diversity of people she meets on her travels, Elles fosters a keen interest in hopeful tales of human resilience. This led her to do her PhD on the daily lives of the nuns in small Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas of India. Elles spends long periods of time with these high-spirited women on their remote mountaintop, relishing the solitude and contemplative life. Moved by their incredible tales of human courage and perseverance, Elles is currently working together with the nuns of Jampa Choling on their forthcoming book ‘Meetings on the Mountaintop’ (working title). Oh, and she is a self-declared feminist and thrives on coffee and chocolate croissants!